PMC3 with Dichroic Glass
by Aberose™

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Product Description

PMC3 with Dichroic Glass by Aberose™

"How to" Instructions:

Meld/Fuse PMC3 with beautiful Dichroic Art Glass colors.

Plan out and design your new creation. Then cut out a piece of Dichroic Art Glass, in a pendant shape you like, using a glass cutter. (Glass cutters can be found in any glass fusing supply store.)

Sand around the edges of the glass piece with a grinder or Dremel. (Be sure to wear goggles and a mask or face protector to be safe.)

Brush just a little dab of water around the outer edges of both the glass and the clay.

Add a dab of PMC3 Slip/Paste with a brush all around the outer edges of the clay only. You don't want the slip to squish out when you join the clay with the glass.

Roll out a coil of PMC3 to fit exactly around your glass shape - and 10-12% higher than your glass piece allowing for shrinkage down to the same height as the glass. Be sure to wrap your coil around the top of the piece in an oval or circle for the bail so that you can put it on a chain and wear it. There are other ways to make a bail including wire-wrapping but this is easier for the first tries. (When fired, the glass and clay meld nicely together.)

Be sure the two ends of the coil are dabbed with a little PMC3 slip/paste at the joint. (I usually place the coil joint on the bottom of the glass.) Wrap the clay coil securely, all around your wonderful glass creation. You don't have to worry about clay shrinkage around the glass. When fired, the two combine beautifully together. The main thing is to be sure the coil fits snugly around the glass and the two joints are secured together with a dab of slip/paste.

If the clay gets on the glass, be sure to take it off with a tooth pick or a dab of paper towel on a tooth pick.. You don't want a drop of silver clay on the glass, as you can't get it off once it's fired.

Fire the joined clay and glass piece together, in a 1450 degree Sierra Kiln, for 20 minutes. Don't peak. (Once fired, I let the piece cool down in the Kiln to around 400 degrees before opening the door.)

If this process doesn't work for you, experiment more. (This works really well for me but your technique may be a little different than mine.)

For more help, see Mary Ann Devos' book Introduction to Precious Metal Clay.

For student use only. Copyrighted © by Aberose™ 2004. Feel free to use the techniques as you create your own designs but the concept is protected by United States copyright © laws.

Happy PMC3-ing and Glass Fus-ing! Written by Aberose™,
Your PMC3 Online Instructor

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