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Aberose is a Precious Metal Clay Level I and II Certified Designer/Artisan/Instructor. She has completed 48 hours of intensive training through PMC Connection. She is also a Member and Ambassador of the PMC Guild--an organization for artists who use and support "PMC"--and a member of the SFBAY Silver Clay Group.

The PMC Guild's Certification Program is to PMC what the black belt is to judo; the official mark of a serious, dedicated, and well-trained enthusiast. PMC Guild-sponsored classes ensure a standardized level of excellence...Students of Guild-Certified teachers are assured of receiving the highest-quality instruction.

Aberose uses and supports PMC3, a stronger form of PMC. She states that, I am so excited that I found my niche' - something I'd like to spend the rest of my years doing. Creating jewelry with PMC is very relaxing. It is a fun, clean, safe, and easy-to-use medium. Designing or spontaneously creating jewelry treasures with PMC3 helps to relieve stress and brings about a great sense of accomplishment and joy.

Working with the versatility of PMC3 brings out the happy, creative child that tends to get lost deep within us. Now, with Precious Metal Clay, our creative inner child can again come out and play.

Creating with PMC3 gives us something of value to look forward to doing. It is an art form that will keep us busy and active now as well as in our retirement years.

Happy PMC3-ing!

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