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"Aberose™ WhimZees©" Copyrighted © by Aberose™ 2004. Feel free to use the techniques as you create your own designs but the concept is protected by United States copyright © laws.

I really had a lot of fun creating "Aberose™ WhimZees©" (see above photo). (Many more are designed, carved and need to be completed when time permits.) One nice thing about carving, is that you have a pattern you can use over and over again. Just change the colors and add different CZ's.

Material List:

Post-It Sheets
Artist's Master Carving Block
Speedball Lino Zip Scooper - Blade #21
Badger Balm or Olive Oil
Acrylic Brayer or roller
Textured Rubber Mat
CZ's and silver or gold casting grains
Palette Knife
Small white Dryer
Rubber Block
Bullseye Thin-fire Paper
Brass Brush
Tumbler (optional)
Kiln or Hot Pot with fuel
Two Part Epoxy or Envirotex Lite
Small paper plate
Paper Towels
Pearl Ex Pigment Colors
Pendant/Pin Finding

Many of the above materials can be found on this site.

Technique Part I

First design each PMC3 piece 12% larger, taking shrinkage into consideration.

Trace the design onto a "Post It" sheet with a pencil. Turn the sheet over and burnish the pencil tracing onto the 4" x 4" white Artist Carving Block. (It really does carve like butter once you get the knack of carving.

Use the Speedball Lino Zip Scooper - Blade #21 with handle to carve out your design into the Artist's Master Carving block. (As a novice carver, I quickly found that I felt much safer using the Scooper rather than the sharp #1 or 2 V-gougers.)

Drag the scooper deeply into the clay - towards you - as you carve along the penciled design.

Roll out the PMC3 clay to the general shape of your design. Add Badger Balm to the carving block, making sure enough balm (but not too much) is in each indentation so that the clay won't stick to the block.

Press the PMC3 clay into the carved area of the block with your fingers then roll over the clay lightly with the Acrylic Brayer (also cover the brayer with a little Badger Balm).

Place a textured rubbing stamp on top of the clay - that's still in the carving block - and lightly roll the brayer over the textured plate to transfer a design onto the clay underneath.

Gently peel the PMC3 clay off of the carved block. Cut out the PMC3 shape with a palette knife. Place it on a Post-It sheet. Add a few CZ's or casting grains. Dry the piece on the little white dryer for about 15 minutes. Place the dried PMC3 piece on top of the 4" x 4" square rubber block and sand the edges gently with the PMC Sander/Buffer.

Place the bone dry piece of clay on the kiln shelf, on top of Bullseye Thin-fire Paper, and fire for 10 minutes at 1290 degrees. (Instead your piece can be placed into a Hot Pot to be fired. (Directions that come with the inexpensive Hot Pot state that one PMC3 piece fires in 15 minutes.)

Cool your creation then brass-brush it under warm running water using a drop of dish soap on your brush. Tumble your creation(s) for 30 minutes. Your tumbler should be loaded with two packages of shot, several thin shavings of Ivory face soap, enough water (about 1-2 inches) to cover the shot and your creations.

Remove each piece from the tumbler and wash, rinse and dry them with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Technique Part II

The next day, squeeze a few equal drops from the each side of the two part Epoxy onto a small paper plate. Be sure to read the package safety instructions. Stir the two parts together with a toothpick for 10 seconds. Mix in a little Pearl Ex Pigment (color of your choice-wear a dust mask) and stir another 15-20 seconds.

Work quickly. Pick up a dab of color on a toothpick, place it in one cell - careful to not go over the cell's edge. (If you do, use a tip of paper towel to dab it off.) Let the piece dry on the dryer until the Epoxy sets. Fill in the next cell, let that dry, etc., until all cells are filled in with wonderful colors. (New batches of the epoxy and pigment may need to be mixed often, as it dries and gets sticky pretty fast.)

Set the pieces aside to thoroughly dry overnight.

Technique Part III

The next day, add a pendant/pin finding to the back of your creation - again using the two part Epoxy - mixed together for 30 seconds with a toothpick. Let the piece dry thoroughly. Or, when preparing the soft PMC3 above, you may add a hole or clay bail to the top of the pendant. Drill two holes and add the beads, if desired.

The main thing is to have fun!

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