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Keum Boo is an ancient Korean technique that can add stunning gold accents to PMC or PMC+. Thin 22K or 24K gold leaf or foil will fuse to fine silver at temperatures of 650 - 950 F. This is a permanent fused bond and can be accomplished in the following low-tech method.

MATERIALS: - PMC or PMC+ clay, paste, syringe – complete a piece which includes a smooth or lightly textured area. Clean and polish well.

EQUIPMENT: - hot plate - any brand with high, medium and low settings,
- with fine soldering screen
- a finished PMC or PMC+ piece
- Klyr Fire by Thompson Enamels (a cellulose adhesive that will dissipate without affecting the materials)
- Small (#6) paint brush
- Small burnishing tool
- Heat resistant gloves
- Long tweezers (12")
- Heat safe side work area i.e. fiber board
- 22K or 24K leaf (less expensive, a little more difficult to use)
- 22K or 24K gold foil (more expensive, easier to use)

Comment: Gold leaf is less expensive than gold foil because it is much thinner. This thinness also makes leaf more difficult to handle. It also requires the application of several layers of leaf to obtain the same appearance as foil. Consider both the positive and negative factors in selecting the material which you use.

Also, although gold foil is difficult to obtain, it is possible to make foil from thin gold sheet. Place 30 gauge 22K or 24K gold sheet between two sheets of copper and roll through a rolling mill until you obtain foil thickness.

TECHNIQUE: Step #1: Fire, finish polish and clean your PMC or PMC+ piece. Make sure you clean off the white surface coating in the area(s) you wish to attach the gold. This will make sure that the two metals fuse properly.

Step #2: Turn the hot plate to medium-HIGH.

Step #3: Brush some Klyr Fire on the piece where you want to place the gold. Apply the gold.

A. Gold leaf sometimes does not easily come off the protective paper. Place the gold sheet on the piece with the paper side up. Use the burnishing tool to rub the gold onto the piece. Due to the thinness of the leaf, it may take several applications, with heating in between. Be patient and you will have excellent results after several applications.

B. If you have gold foil, cut the foil to fit the area you want accented. After coating the area of the PMC or PMC+ piece with Klear Fire, gently press the gold foil down onto the piece.

Step #4: Protect your hands with heat resistant gloves and use the long tweezers to hold your project piece. Warm the piece on the hot plate to at least 650oF. It must be at least this temperature for the metals to begin to fuse.

Gently rub the gold with the burnishing tool. As you burnish the two metals together, you will see the gold become brighter, smooth and bonded. Periodically cool the burnisher, dipping it in water. This will prevent the gold from sticking to the burnisher.

Step #5: Repeat the process until you have obtained the results you wish.

Cool the piece.

NOTE: The surface of the piece may be hand polished further with a soft jeweler's cloth. With constant use or friction, the gold may wear like thick plating. The best way to preserve the gold layer is to plan your design so that you place the gold in recesses and areas of less wear.


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