Kit: Glass Tools

Kit:  Glass Tools
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Product Description

Aberose has created this wonderful Glass Tool Kit for in-class use. Pretty much everything but the glass and kitchen sink is included.

Some of the glass tools below may be purchased separately.

The following items are included in the Glass Cutting Tool Kit:

Plastic Case;

Alcohol & Glass Vial;

Cotton swabs, 6;

Elmer’s Glue-All, 4 fl. oz., (Use to tack and hold glass pieces to base and other glass before firing.);

Toyo Comfort Grip Super Glass Cutter, (Comfortable to hold and easy to use. Use this light weight quality cutter for quality projects. Cut thousands of sheets of glass without changing heads. Toyo Supercutters outlast other cutters up to 25 times and live up to their name. Self-oiling (when pressure is applied) for a free rolling wheel and consistent score line. Check oil level easily through the clear handle. The green color makes it easy to find your cutter. Durable carbide steel wheel outlasts conventional cutters. Cutter heads are replaceable.);

Glass Cutter Oil, (4 Oz. "Rinses Off Glass with water!" It is a water-soluble fluid developed especially for glass cutters. High lubricity fluid helps your glass cutter wheel roll smoothly for a good, continuous score.);

Syringe for Glass Cutter Oil;

Glass Scoring & Breaking Mat, (No More Bad Breaks! Perfect for cutting. Simply score your glass, flip it over on the 11-3/4" square rubber pad and run the score line. You will get a clean break nearly every time!);

Pen, Sharpie Metallic, (Ideal for measuring and marking glass for scoring. Marks fire off. Metallic silver ink stands out on light or dark surfaces.);

Ruler, (Use to measure glass for scoring.);

Running Pliers, Studio Pro, (Use running pliers to "run" a score along glass and break glass pieces with ease. Simply position the jaws at the end of your score, on the edge of the glass, and gently squeeze for a clean break. Convenient centering mark helps the curved jaw to exert equal pressure on each side of the score. Lifetime guarantee (excludes replaceable parts.);

Safety Goggles, (Clear and large enough to fit over prescription glasses. Features side shields, or wraparound protection. One size fits all.);

Tooth Picks, 6; and last but not least;

Tweezers, (Curved Stainless Steel Tweezers work really great for picking up small pieces of glass for stacking and stones. 4-1/4". No more slipping and flipping glass or stones!).

Glass Tool Kit for Fusing Classes© was put together and the concept was Copyrighted (C) by Aberose™ September 2007.

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