"Asian Fan"
"Ancient Amber" Pendant
"Eye of the Brain" Pendant
"Flower Song" Pin
"Fog & Mountains I"
"Fog & Mountains II"
"Fog & Mountains III"
"Goose Pendant"
"Lazy Day" Pendant/Pin
"Lone Tree"
"Speckled Ring"
"Underworld Grotto" Pendant/Pin
3-D Sculpted Pin with Red Ruby

Aberose™ Favorite PMC3 Clay Creations:
Aberose™ Galleries
Aberose™ Gallery I: First PMC Creations
Aberose™ Gallery II: Inlays
Aberose™ Gallery III cont.d. Dichroic Glass/PMC3/Wire Wrap
Aberose™ Gallery III: Dichroic GlassPMC3/Wire Wrap
Aberose™ Gallery IV: 2005 Mixed Media Projects
Aberose™ Gallery V
Aberose™ Gallery VI: Mixed Media Creations
About Aberose™
About Rose Marie
Bags: Plastic
Book: The Art Of Metal Clay
Booklet: Keum-Boo on Silver
Books, DVDs, Videos
Brush: Long Brass
Brush: Stainless Steel Wire
Burnisher: Standard Tip Steel
Carving Block Instructions
by Aberose™

Carving Tools
Clay: Clean-Up Tool
Clay: Mat
Clay: Roller
Dapping Block, Wood
Deck View Photos of Fog:
Our "little bit of Heaven"!

Drill Set: 6 piece
DVD: HattieS™ Contemporary Metal Clay RINGS 2
DVD: HattieS™ Contemporary Metal Clay TECHNIQUES 1
Epoxy Instructions
by Aberose™

File Set: Diamond Needle
File Set: Needle 3 pc.
Findings: Necklace Base
For Sale:
Dichroic Glass Art Pendants
by Aberose

Fused Glass Trouble Shooting
by Nancy Tang

Gemstones in Metal Clay Info
Glass Cab Bail Directions
by Aanraku Stained Glass

Glass Cabachon Instructions
by PMC Connection

Golden Web Awards
Instructional FREEBIES
Keum Boo Instructions
by PMC Connection

Kiln Pillow/Fiber Blanket
Kit: Aberose™ Carving Tools
Kit: Enamel Glass©
by Aberose™

Kit: QuickSil Mold
Kit: Sanding/Finishing Pro©
Leaf Instructions
by MaryAnn Devos

Needle Tool , Pro
NEW Items
Palette, Folding Plain
PMC Guild Certification
PMC3 with Dichroic Glass
by Aberose™

PMC3 Fine Silver & Dichroic Art Glass
Polishing Papers
Premo! Sculpey Clay & PMC
by Aberose™

Questions & Answers
Ring: Bezel Pusher
Ring: Bezel Roller
Ring: Plastic Finger Gauge
Rocks in PMC?
by PMC Connection

Roller: Plexiglass "Snake"
Sanding Rubber Block
Sanding Sponges
Sanding Sticks
Selling Your Work
by Nancy Tang

Speedball Cutter Handle
Stylus: Large Double Ball
SW USA Indians
Tools: Finishing/Sanding
TOOLS: General
Tools: Ringmaking
Tweezers: Plastic
Video Workshop by Linda Bernstein
WhimZee Project©
by Aberose™

Six Week

Aberose Fused Glass Pendant 204-1 SOLD
Aberose™ "Napa Valley Grape" Pendant - SOLD
Aberose™ "Bricks & Mortar" Pendant S O L D
Aberose™ "Key to my Heart" Pendant - SOLD
Aberose™ "Kokopelli" Pendant
Aberose™ "Spanish Fan" Pendant/Pin
Aberose™ "Underwater Grotto" Pendant/Pin
Aberose™ Ancient Amphora Vessel Pendant - SOLD
Aberose™ Blue Topaz Ring - SOLD
Aberose™ Copper & Fine Silver Inlaid Spiral Bracelet SOLD
Aberose™ Dichroic "Harlequin" Pendant SOLD
Aberose™ Dichroic Pendant w/black stripe SOLD
Aberose™ Filigree Pendant/Pin SOLD
Aberose™ Fused Glass Pendant 201 SOLD
Aberose™ Inlaid "Healing Stones" Bracelet
Aberose™ Inlaid "Healing Stones" Ring
Aberose™ Ruby 3-D Sculptural Pendant/Pin
Aberose™ Two-sided Inlay Pendant
Area shows and surreal pendants:
Awards, Links, Q&As,Testimonials
Book, Glass: Innovative Adornments
An Intro to Fused Glass & Wire Jewelry

Book: "Stamped Metal Jewelry with DVD"
Book: New Directions in Punched Metal Jewelry
Books/Supplies: Punched/Stamped Metal Jewelry
Bottle Spray
Burnisher, Agate - One sided
Dichroic Art Glass, What is it?
Dichroic Samples
Drying Feet, by HattieS™
Drying Mat, HattieS™ PMC3
File Set: 10 Piece Diamond Needle
Fused Glass Trouble Shooting
by Nancy Tang

Glass Cab Bail Directions,
by Aanraku

Glass Cabachon Instructions
by PMC Connection

Glass-making Articles
Glass: Cutter: Toyo Comfort Grip
Glass: Cutting Oil
Glass: Pen, Sharpie Metallic
Glass: Pliers: Studio Pro Glass Running
Glass: Safety Goggles
Glass: Scoring and Breaking Mat
Indian Symbolic Meanings
Jewelry Making
Tools and Kits

Kit: Glass Tools
Kit: Glass Workshop Packet
Make a Fused Glass Sushi Plate
by Nancy Tang

Paint Pan
Pend 101
Pend 102
Pend 103
Pend 103
Pend 104
Pend 105
Pend 106
Pend 107
Pend 108
Pend 109
Pend 110
Pend 111
Pend 112
Pend 113
Pend 114
Pend 115
Pend 116
Pend 117
Pend 119
Pend 120
Pend 121
Pend 122
Pend 123
Pend 125
Pend 126
Pend 127
Pend 128
Pend 129
Pend 130
Pend 131
Pend 132
Pend 133
Pend 134
Pend 135
Pend 136
PMC3 Classes
PMC3 with Dichroic Glass
by Aberose™

Sander/Buffer - 4 sided
SW Indian History
Tools: Dichroic Art Glass
Tools: Kits
What is Dichroic Glass?

View Precious Metal Clay "how to" Video Series

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