SW Indian History

SW Indian History
SW Indian History
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In late prehistoric times, the three major Southwestern Cultures were the Mogollon Culture (master potters), the Hohokam Culture (major jewelry-makers), and the Anasazi Culture (the vanished peoples).

The ancient jewelry-making Hohokam Culture, located near the Salt and Gila Rivers of today's Southern Arizona, had its beginnings around 300 B.C. Jewelry made from bone, shell, turquoise, and other materials spread quickly from the Hohokams to the Anasazis in the north and the Mogollons in the east.

The best known inheritors of the Anasazi Culture are today's Hopi and Zuni peoples, who may be able to trace their origins back to the late prehistoric Mogollons.

Many ancient jewelry styles and jewelry-making methods, used today by Southwestern American Indians and other artists, are still available and some are found on this site.

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