Premo! Sculpey Clay & PMC
by Aberose™

How to Add Premo! Sculpey Clay to PMC

1.) Add wonderful Premo! Sculpey Clay colors to cells/cavities carved into Precious Metal Clay 3. Fire PMC3 as usual. Cool. Finish. Coat PMC3 cells with Sobo glue to help Premo! clay stick.

2.) Roll Premo! Clay by hand, or through a pasta machine until conditioned. Roll ten times or knead by hand like bread dough until you get a well-blended, nice and smooth consistency. Always fold the clay in the same direction and run it through the pasta roller by placing the fold into the machine on the thickest #1 setting.

(If using a rubbing texture plate, fine mist it lightly with water. Roll the clay and texture plate through the pasta machine at the #1 setting. Peel away the rubbing plate from the clay.)

3.) With an X-Acto blade, cut out shapes of clay to fit into the fired PMC3 cells. Push the clay into the cells using your finger tips. Trim excess clay that rises above the cell walls with an X-Acto blade.

4.) Bake the PMC3 and joined Premo! Clay in a toaster oven, on a Pyrex Baking Dish, at 275 degrees F for 20-30 minutes. Cool. Sand. Buff. (Keep tools separate from food.)

(OPTION: You can dust with a Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigment. Bake again in a preheated toaster oven 275 degrees F for 20 minutes. Cool. Glaze with Sculpey glossy or satin glaze. Bake again at 200 degrees F for 10 minutes this time to harden the glaze. Remove from oven. Cool.)

Premo! Sculpey was developed by Marie Segal, in conjunction with Polyform Products. Marie capitalized on many years of experience of using polymer clays, to enhance the qualities of this clay.

CFC/Premo is pasta machine ready. No need to grind it up in a food processor. Just run it through your pasta machine 10-15 times to thoroughly knead it. If you don't have a pasta machine, that's OK. This clay is easy to mix with your hands, too!

Mix two colors together until blended. This is how long you should mix the clay, even if you are mixing one color.

Bake at a minimum of 275 degrees F, 20-30 minutes per 1/2 inch of thickness for best results. This clay is very flexible if you cure it properly. The thinner it is the more flexible it is!!!

You can also mix it with other polymer clays.

It can be polished (can look like glass), cut, sanded and drilled.

An Artist pallette of delicious colors.

by Aberose™

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