Glass Cabachon Instructions
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1. Cut small pieces of glass in various shapes, scoring the glass with a glasscutter and breaking it apart using a pair of running pliers.

2. Pick glass patterns and colors of your choice to make a design. Stack the glass three layers high. You can hold the glass together using a small amount of white glue. Arrange the glass with the dichroic film facing up. Placing the glass with the dichroic films touching can result in “creep”. Black or opaque colors work best on the bottom of the stack with transparent layers on top.

3. If the top piece of glass is clear, it can react with the silver to create a golden halo. Silver reacts with clear glass to form yellow or golden glass.

4. Place a piece of Bullseye firing paper on top of a ceramic or fiber shelf. Place the cabs on the paper. Arrange the cabs so that they are at lease ½” apart. Do not leave more than ½” of firing paper around the edge. During firing the paper may fold over onto the glass, contaminating the glass surface.

5. Fire the cabs at ramp 4 (1500o F/816 C per hour increase) to a temperature of 1475 o F/802 o C for 4 minutes or until the glass looks smooth and rounded on the edges.

6. Crash cool the glass from 1475 o F/802 o C to 950 o F/510 o C, then close the kiln and allow the glass to cool to room temperature. Crash cooling prevents the glass from devitrifying. A haze can appear on the surface of glass which cools too slowly between 1475 o F/802 o C and 950 o F/ 510 o C.

7. After the cab has cooled, use a glass grinder or london stone to smooth the perimeter and the back of the cab.

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