Kit: Aberose™ Carving Tools

<b>Kit: Aberose™ Carving Tools  </b>
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Product Description

Aberose™ Carving Block Kit© includes:

Detailed instructions,
One Artist Carving Block (see two samples), (1 block for 8 carvings, 4 on each side),
Handle with
Line Carver and
Gouge Carver.

Place either the line or gouge carver in the handle and easily carve out 8 of your very own creations (four on each side of the carving block). Carve your own original designs with either positive or negative relief for your metal clay creations. Both the line and gouge carvers scoop out your lines like butter. The two carvers fit nicely into the handle.

FREE Instructions copyrighted © by Aberose™:

First, taking PMC3 shrinkage into consideration, design each piece 10-12% larger than the finished size.

Trace your design onto a "Post It" sheet with a #2 pencil. Turn the sheet over onto a quarter section of one side of the Carving block and burnish on the pencil tracing. The carvers really do carve like butter once you get the knack of carving. You may want to practice on a small section of the block first.

Drag the scooper deeply into the clay - towards you - as you carve along the penciled design.

Roll out the PMC3 clay to the general shape of your design. Add Badger Balm to both the carving block and your Acrylic Brayer, making sure enough balm (but not too much) is in each indentation so that the clay won't stick to the block.

Press the PMC3 clay into the carved area of the block with your fingers, then roll over the clay lightly with the Acrylic Brayer.

Place a textured rubbing stamp on top of the clay - that's still in the carving block - and lightly roll your Brayer over the textured plate to transfer a design onto the clay underneath.

Gently peel the PMC3 clay off of the carved block. You may wish to add a few CZ's or casting grains to the cut out clay -- after drying your piece on your Clay Dryer and sanding the edges gently with one of our sanding tools.

Place the bone dry piece of clay on the kiln shelf, on top of Bullseye Thin-fire Paper, and fire for 10 minutes at 1290 degrees.

Cool your creation then brass-brush it under warm running water using a drop of dish soap on your brush. Tumble your creation for 1-2 hours. Your tumbler should be loaded with two packages of shot, several thin shavings of Ivory face soap, enough water (about 1-2 inches) to cover the shot and your creation(s).

Remove each piece from the tumbler and wash, rinse, and dry them with a soft cloth or paper towel.

For more ideas, view HattieS™ Carving Kit "how to" Video.

Copyright © by Rose Marie Bero aka Aberose™ July 2005. Copying is prohibited.

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